About the Catalog

Impact Nations is a Christ-centered organization that brings hope and restoration to the poor and vulnerable in the developing world through both supernatural and practical expressions of the Kingdom of God.

You are holding a very powerful tool of rescue and restoration in your hand. Since its inception five years ago, the Impact Nations Christmas catalog program has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives in Haiti, Central America, Africa, Nepal, India and Southeast Asia.

During the past year, Christmas catalog gifts like yours enabled us to provide skills and business training for the poor; support feeding programs for children in Kenya, Uganda and India; and get permanent life-saving clean water to tens of thousands of people, including the Philippines, Ethiopia (a first), and Kerala, India after the massive flooding. Medical clinics provided personal care to over 5,000 people in four nations. Through the catalog we were able to send a growing number of children to secondary school, something that would have been impossible for them without you. As well, we saw a school program in the slums continue to grow and flourish in northern India, providing both education and healthy food.

As the Lord continues to call us into new nations and regions, we will keep declaring and demonstrating the Good News in practical and supernatural ways. We are increasing our involvement in training the poor with employable skills, reaching into new nations. Our distribution of water filter systems is taking us further afield throughout the developing world. Because of the Lord’s goodness to us, we are reaching and rescuing more lives than ever before. Through the Christmas catalog, you are joining us on the front lines; you are rescuing lives and transforming the future for countless thousands.

The challenges are not too big. We really can do more than we ever thought possible, through the enabling of the Lord.

Thank you. It is a great privilege to be partnering with you.

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Steve Stewart
President and Founder of Impact Nations